Exclusive Regional Partner for Esports
Investment Group (EIG)

GameRED envisions a future where Esports is accessible to everyone

We strive towards that goal by making strategic investments and building various Esport communities

About Us

Brought to you by the REDtone Group, GameRED in partnership with EIG is a powerhouse proposition to bring gaming-as-a-service to public and private sector organizations across the region.

We work at the forefront of gaming standards to help brands and entities design and develop gaming leagues, grassroot gaming communities, human capital around gaming experience/expertise etc. With GameRED you have access to a gold standard gaming fraternity.

How do we benefit our investors?

We create a community

Our team has a unique forethought and stratagem process while choosing the best projects in Esports.

And thanks to REDtone’s widely advanced technologies, we can develop sophisticated and complex Esports services & products.

How do we assist our brands?

We help them reach a higher ROI in Esports.

Our approach revolves around the 4T layers value chain where different companies synergize. Media/Sales planning, data analysis up to traction, lead generation, and content delivery.

Portfolio Of Services

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tournaments for players

Esports news

Digital ecosystem for brands

Next-generation content
infrastructure creation


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